Windows 10 ships with both modern Microsoft Edge browser, and the legacy Internet Explorer 11.

Based on analytics, I suspect some of my Windows 10 users use IE11 and are perhaps not aware of having Edge browser.

Is it possible to create a link in HTML which opens the website in Edge, if the user is on IE11 on Win10?

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It's possible to open a URL in Edge Spartan thanks to microsoft-edge: protocol. This works in any browser on Windows 10. For example:

<a href="microsoft-edge:https://www.cnn.com">CNN</a>

Note however that this does not (yet?) work with Edge Chromium.

Checking if browser is IE11 on Windows 10 can be done for example as follows:

if (document.documentMode === 11 && navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Windows NT 10.0') > -1) {

If you want to create an Edge link to the current page (without hardcoding), you can do it with JavaScript:

myAnchor.href = 'microsoft-edge:' + document.URL;

Demo: https://jg-testpage.github.io/ie11/open-in-edge.html?foo=bar&baz=quux

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