Aim: Estimate mean health cost of patients receiving two different interventions (primary independent variable). Cost is collected before the intervention (pre-cost) and after (post-cost). Outcome is post-cost.

Modeling: Because there are lot of true 0's ($0 cost) in the data, I am applying two part model. First part uses logit regression and second part uses log gamma regression.

Issue: I've run the model in both SAS and Stata to cross check whether I am getting the same results. The coefficients and standard error (SE) in the logit part are same in SAS and Stata. However, in the log gamma part, the coefficients are same but not the standard errors. The SE are higher in Stata compared with SAS; as a result the p-values are not same.

Question: Why are the coefficients same but standard errors different when I'm running the same model using the same outcome and independent variables in SAS and Stata?

/* Stata code for two part model */

twopm total_post_der i.type_service i.imp c.total_pre_der c.age 
ib(1).gender i.neth ib(1).insured i.diab, firstpart(logit) secondpart(glm, 
family(gamma) link(log))

/* SAS code for two part model */

/* Part 1 - Logit */
proc logistic data=ED_imprv desc;
class gender neth (ref='0') insured (ref='1') imp (ref='0') type_service 
(ref='0') diab (ref='0')/param=reference;
model ispositive  =  type_service imp total_pre_der  age gender neth 
insured diab/expb clodds=wald rsquare  ;
output out=predlog pred=phat;

/* Part 2- GLM with log gamma */
proc genmod data=ED_imprv;
class gender neth (ref='0') insured (ref='1') imp (ref='0') type_service 
(ref='0') diab (ref='0')/param=reference ;
model coster=  type_service imp total_pre_der age gender insured neth diab
            /dist=gamma link=log type3;
lsmeans type_service/exp pdiff adjust=bon;
lsmeans imp/exp pdiff adjust=bon;
output out=Model_IMP pred=p_cost resraw=raw resdev=res stdresdev=stdres 
leverage=l ;

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Since twopm, with the syntax you exploited, reports exactly the same results reported by glm y x, family(gamma) link(log), I think that the mentioned differences arise because that SAS's genmod proc and Stata's glm command use, for some reason, different finite-sample VCV adjustments.

Or simply: SAS does not report the VCV obtained from the observed information matrix, as Stata does by default.

  • Federico [Belotti] is the first author of twopm. – Nick Cox Dec 14 '18 at 14:14

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