I was wondering about this. I'm planning to employ jackrabbit in a ECM project and it seems that OCM is dying or what, it is a different fork that the rest of the project. In maven repos there are old jackrabbit-ocm-nodemanagement jackrabbit-ocm versions, otherwise the project itself is downloadable via a referenced zip archive in reference documentation.

org.springmodules.jcr didn't make it to the official spring source base. It got abandoned. Even though it was a great glue for jackrabbit OCM and the project looks great. I absolutely don't understand why they decided to leave such an important specification !?!?!?

It currently resides here as some sort of conservation. Also there is a jcr spring extension that the same thing I suppose. It has its Jira section, but everything seems abandoned to me. If I got into problems with some nasty bug, any support wouldn't get to me.

Please if you have brighter information than I do, let me know.



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