I want to call one component function in another component but It is giving following error

Error: Can't resolve all parameters for DynamicFormComponent: ([object Object], [object Object], [object Object], [object Object].

Please help me where I did wrong?

Here is my code:


export class DynamicFormComponent implements OnInit {
    constructor(private auth: AuthService, private _http: HttpClient, private data: DataShareService, private toastr: ToastrService, private globals:GlobalConstants) {

    getSelectedName(memObj:any) {
        alert("mem pension " + memObj.id);

# Component 2

         { selector: 'app-form-autocomplete-type', 
            template: `  
            <input matInput
            [placeholder]="to.placeholder">   <mat-autocomplete #auto="matAutocomplete" [displayWith]="displayWith">
              *ngFor="let value of filter | async"
              [value]="value" (onSelectionChange)=updateValues(value)>
              {{ value.userGroupName }}
            </mat-option>   </mat-autocomplete>   `, }) 
export class AutocompleteTypeComponent extends FieldType implements OnInit {   
     // Optional: only if you want to rely on `MatInput` implementation   
     @ViewChild(MatInput) formFieldControl: MatInput;

     filter: Observable<any[]>;

     constructor(public dynamicFormComponent:DynamicFormComponent) {

     ngOnInit() {
        this.filter = this.formControl.valueChanges
                switchMap(term => this.to.filter(term)),

     updateValues(val: any) {
         // Call service to fetch the details and update other formly fields values
         // update the rank and address formly fields based on the results we fetch from service.It may be single field or a group of fields.
         console.log("Call service to fetch the details and update other formly fields values");
         // this.dynamicFormComponent.getSelectedName(val);

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