I didn't find any notion of timezone DATE_TIME class and TIME class. Am I wrong?

How do I handle timezones with Eiffel library?

Is there a way to specify it from the {DATE_TIME}.formated_out ("YYYY-MM-DD [0]hh:[0]mi:[0]ss")

Is there a setter for timezone?

I already got this problem with the logger which is logging with UTC...

The only workaround I found was l.hour_add (-3) before the formated_out which is really dirty


As far as I know, class DATE_TIME does not contain any information about the time zone the date time is supposed to be in.

If your logger need UTC times, you might want to use:

create l_date_time.make_now_utc

instead of:

create l_date_time.make_now

Note that the Gobo Eiffel libaries have some rudimentary support for timezones, but it's not any better than doing l_date_time.hour_add (-3) because the date/time need to be converted from one timezone to another before being printed.

    l_date_time: DT_DATE_TIME
    l_time_zone: DT_FIXED_OFFSET_TIME_ZONE
    l_date_time_formatter: ST_XSD_DATE_TIME_FORMAT
    s: STRING
    create l_date_time_formatter
    create l_time_zone.make_hours_minutes (-3, 0)
    l_date_time := {DT_SHARED_SYSTEM_CLOCK}.system_clock.date_time_now
    s := l_date_time_formatter.date_time_to_string (l_time_zone.date_time_to_utc (l_date_time))

There is also a class DT_FIXED_OFFSET_ZONED_DATE_TIME, but I'm afraid it will not make the code above less verbose because you still need to provide to it the date time and its associated timezone.

You might also want to have a look at this other Eiffel library: ISO8601 date/time library

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