Is there a way to output the AWS cli with filters to csv format?

For example if I wanted to take this command and output to csv:

aws ec2 describe-images --owner self   --query 'Images[*].{ID:ImageId,"Virtualization Type":VirtualizationType}'

How would I do that? Normally I would use jq to output the aws cli to csv. But in this case I was able to get to the info I wanted easier with the filter option instead of jq.

This is the full command I want to output to CSV:

aws ec2 describe-images --owner self   --query 'Images[*].{ID:ImageId,"Virtualization Type":VirtualizationType,Architechture:Architecture,Hypervisor:Hypervisor,State:State,ImageID:ImageId,"Device Names":BlockDeviceMappings[].DeviceName,"Snapshot IDs":BlockDeviceMappings[].Ebs.SnapshotId,"Delete On Termination":BlockDeviceMappings[].Ebs.DeleteOnTermination,"Voluem Type":BlockDeviceMappings[].Ebs.VolumeType,"Volume Size":BlockDeviceMappings[].Ebs.VolumeSize,Encrypted:BlockDeviceMappings[].Ebs.Encrypted,"Image Location":ImageLocation,"Root Device Type":RootDeviceType,"Owner ID":OwnerId,"Creation Date":CreationDate,Public:Public,"Image Type":ImageType,Name:Name}'

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One solution I can think of is to output in text --output text and then replace the spaces with a comma:

aws ec2 describe-images --owner self   --query 'Images[*].{ID:ImageId,"Virtualization Type":VirtualizationType}' --output text


ami-1234567890    hvm
ami-1a2b3c4d5e    hvm
ami-9876543210    hvm

Replace the blanks with a comma. There are many ways to do this using sed or tr or awk or paste.

aws ec2 describe-images --owner self   --query 'Images[*].{ID:ImageId,"Virtualization Type":VirtualizationType}' --output text | sed -E 's/\s+/,/g'


  • This will output incorrect csv if a column value has a space in it. For example aws --region us-east-1 ec2 describe-instance-types --query 'InstanceTypes[?GpuInfo.Gpus!=null].[InstanceType, GpuInfo.Gpus[0].Count, GpuInfo.Gpus[0].Manufacturer, GpuInfo.Gpus[0].MemoryInfo.SizeInMiB, GpuInfo.Gpus[0].Name]' --output text outputs bash g5.4xlarge 1 NVIDIA 24576 A10G ... g4ad.8xlarge 2 AMD 8192 Radeon Pro V520 g4ad.4xlarge 1 AMD 8192 Radeon Pro V520 Your script would output g4ad.4xlarge,1,AMD,8192,Radeon,Pro,V520 instead of g4ad.4xlarge,1,AMD,8192,Radeon Pro V520
    – Anshul
    Jan 4, 2022 at 23:47
  • @Anshul I agree but the question was for AMI and Virtualization Type which do not have space in them. You can easily to refine the command to achieve what you need.
    – helloV
    Jan 4, 2022 at 23:50

We had to do something very similar today and we used jq to get the csv output natively.

aws ec2 describe-instances --output json --query 'foo' | \
  jq -r '.[][] | @csv'
  • Note: the .[][] notation was required for us because our query was reformatting the output in a specific way. I would NOT expect most cases will require referencing the output in the same way.

  • Note 2: I don't recall the original question saying "without jq", so while my cli works, I now realize it does not meet the OP goal.

  • Thanks, I updated the command to reflect that.
    – Todd Lyons
    Dec 27, 2021 at 16:07
  • Perfect, I'll remove the comment as it might be confusing otherwise.
    – Weeble
    Dec 27, 2021 at 16:14

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