Qt and Linux novice. From the documentation:

insertItem(const QPixmap & pixmap, const QObject * receiver, const char * member, const QKeySequence & shortcut = 0, int id = -1, int index = -1)

I can create a qt window with a menu bar, and understand that the method insertItem(...) adds items. The argument: QObject * receiver is my problem. Everything I find seems to presume I know what this receiver item is. I have PDF versions of "C++ GUI Programming with QT 3", 4, and 5 and a find tells me that "insertmenu" and "insertitem" are not in the book.

Obviously this receiver is the target of a menu item click, but I would really like some details. Can it be any widget? Is the widget automatically shown? There are more questions.

In my current case, when the user clicks on a menu item named "Control" he should see a pop up dialog that provides the ability to set multiple radio buttons and line edits.

What I really want is a link to a page describes the concept of receiver and maybe provides a simple example.


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Eyllanesc's comment is correct. We remain mostly stuck with Qt3 but have Qt4 available so I am trying to use Qt4. I forgot and referenced the Qt3 book and tried to use that. (Two reasons: Qt 3 still works and management does not want to spend money and time to upgrade. And, rumor has it that the Qt company now has non-US ownership and that is a problem for government projects. I presume, but do not know, this was not the case for Qt 3 and 4.) But we can use Qt4, I will redirect myself.

Thank you for the reply/comment and this is resolved.

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