I'm working on a site doing some SEO tweaking and I've noticed that Whatsapp takes whatever "og:image" is listed last. For some odd reason, when I list the small image for whatsapp, my twitter card picks that one too, instead of the one I gave specifically for Twitter.

So I'm considering just listing the "og:images" excluding the one for Whatsapp, except when the user agent is WhatsApp's.

With that in mind, I'd like to know what is the user agent given by WhatsApp's crawler?

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whatsapp user-agent : WhatsApp/2.19.81 A


WhatsApp uses different user-agents depending on the version you use.... What I did to check for whatsapp was to compare the first 8 characters of user-agent string to WhatsApp as al of them start with WhatsApp in my observation

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