I get a UNexpected T_ECHO warning when I add the following line:

<div id="counter"><?php (function_exists('fbshare_manual')) echo fbshare_manual(); ?></div>

I'm not sure what's a T_ECHO and what's the problem. Any suggestions?

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You seem to be missing an if.

<div id="counter"><?php if (function_exists('fbshare_manual')) echo fbshare_manual(); ?></div>

Explanation: T_ECHO stands for the "echo" keyword. "Unexpected T_ECHO" means that word was somewhere it shouldn't be. (Absent the if, PHP would consider the stuff in parens and the echo as two separate statements, and would expect a semicolon or something between the two.)

I think you need an if after that opening php tag.

<div id="counter"><?php (function_exists('fbshare_manual')) echo fbshare_manual(); ?></div>
                       ^-- Insert "if"

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