I've been looking for standalone header-only sha256 and ripemd160 hash functions, preferably MIT licence, but GPL and others are fine too.

I found pico256, header only, I can integrate into a project. But I can't find both hash functions I need. I am not sure if I can just rip the bits out I want from OpenSSL, it's too big and complex.

If I can find a reasonable description of sha256 and ripemd160, I might have a go at implementing them myself.

Until then, does anyone know of either

a) standalone sha256 and ripemd160 C or C++ code I can compile into a project, or

b) a small library I can static link into a project?

I'm not sure how to do that with OpenSSL; I'm on Windows 10 and it always seems to want a DLL it generates for shared libraries. Maybe I'm just not building correctly for static linking without DLLs.

Thank you for any pointers or tips.

  • For sha256 RFC 6234 (and earlier 4634) has standalone C code under a BSD-nonadvertising license. For rmd160 I don't know. For OpenSSL I haven't looked at the Windows build procedures for a while (and 1.1.0 apparently made changes) but in the past I did Windows static builds fine and recent ShiningLight packages (for Windows) contain DLLs and static libs for mingw (.a) and VC++ (.lib) so clearly it's still possible. – dave_thompson_085 Dec 16 '18 at 6:24

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