I have a pattern to output to console and log file in following format:

[INFO]  17:31:12 - Checking Bla Bla Bla 
[INFO]  17:31:12 - ************* Starting *********************
[INFO]  17:31:12 - Testing Begins

is there any way to append line count so that it looks like:

[001][INFO] 17:31:12 - Checking Bla Bla Bla 
[002][INFO] 17:31:12 - ************* Starting *********************
[003][INFO] 17:31:12 - Testing Begins
  • see if this helps stackoverflow.com/questions/115008/…
    – newbie
    Dec 16, 2018 at 23:39
  • I doubt that the standard appenders would do this, but you can always write your own appender.
    – Stephen C
    Dec 16, 2018 at 23:56
  • You want to append the count of lines in the log file? Like literally how many lines the log file is up to that point? I'm sure there's a standard unix command that could do it, and at least one Java class that will track lines as they are read.
    – markspace
    Dec 17, 2018 at 0:00

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In Log4j 1, the symbols can be seen here http://logging.apache.org/log4j/1.2/apidocs/org/apache/log4j/PatternLayout.html

Line Number is %L.

In Log4j 2, the symbol is also %L



Try below conversion pattern

ConversionPattern=%d{yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss} %-5p %c{1}:%L - %m%n
Is it line number or count of log lines ordered in sequence ?

if it is line number you can use %L (Used to output the line number 
from where the logging request was issued.)


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