How would I go about loading a .ttf file on my Shoes app and set that as my default font?

Shoes version is 3.3.7

The documentation from http://shoesrb.com/manual/Built-in.html and http://shoesrb.com/manual/Styles.html mention font sections but dont mention an example of loading fonts.

Instead of installing the ttf file manually, I would like to know possible methods I could use to bundle and load it in Shoes (shy).

Something like below would be helpful.


I would also like to avoid calling the font for each para individual ly. A workaround for that would be helpful too.

Sorry about this, I'm pretty new to programming.

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    You are more likely to get an answer if you link to said documentation and explain exactly what is unclear about it. You've obviously done some research on this topic; how about you share it? And how about saying what version of Shoes you're using? – anothermh Dec 17 '18 at 4:42

You can do the following in Shoes3, for example:

font 'relative/path/to/fonts/Arial.ttf' unless Shoes::FONTS.include?('Arial')
Shoes.app do

This example exists in the Shoes3 source.

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