I have scraped some data but when i wanna import it into wordpres theres always a like space

i want to import it like this:

enter image description here

any solutions. please keep in mine im an absolute noobie just wanna know if theres a simple way to remove these lines


According to the picture, it seems you're using Notepad++.

This will remove all linebreak that is followed by another linebreak:

  • Ctrl+H
  • Find what: \R(?=\R)
  • Replace with: LEAVE EMPTY
  • check Wrap around
  • check Regular expression
  • Replace all


\R      # any kind of linebreak (ie. \r, \n, \r\n)
(?=\R)  # positive lookahead, make sure we have another linebreak after

Or, if you have installed TextFX plugin

TextX  > TextFX Edit > Delete blank lines

Here is a general solution which may work for you:

Find: ^$
Replace: (empty)

This will target all lines having nothing on them except for a newline character. Then, it replaces them with nothing, effectively removing them.

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