In my example, I have three buttons at the top of the UIStoryBoard. This works well for non-iphone x devices. However, it gets cut off when I use iPhone x. The buttons go above the safe area.

enter image description here

I was wondering if it is possible for the UIButtons to respect the safe areas without auto layout in storyboard? If not, how do I replicate this layout (UIButtons auto-resizing with flexible width and flexible height) with auto layout and respecting safe areas? I believe I should use aspect ratio on the UIButton's itself. Not sure if this is the proper way.


Turns out the answer is easier than I thought. Just put all the UIButton's inside another view. Then add constraints to that view that respects the safe areas. This way the UIbuttons can still use autoresizing.

Migrating a project using autoresizing masks for iPhone X

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