I have simple Paragraph component set up in a following way

import * as React from 'react';
import {Text} from 'react-native';

const { memo } = React;

 * Component
function Paragraph({ children }) {
  return (

export default memo(Paragraph);

Whenever I use <Paragraph /> in my application I receive following error from typescript:

JSX element type 'ReactElement | null' is not a constructor function for JSX elements. Type 'ReactElement' is not assignable to type 'Element'.ts(2605)

This happens to a lot of my elements and started happening since I updated to lates typings for react and react-native from definitely typed. I'm unable to pinpoint a change that might be causing this error.

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This is caused by different versions of typing libraries in the autogenerated files, probably messed up by updating it, remove node_modules and yarn.lock or package-lock.json then reinstall.


Small tip: when it happens, it's easier to see where the error is coming from when you provide the component return type explicitly (here: React.FC):

const Paragraph: React.FC = ({ children }) => (

If the error says something about the <Text /> component not returning ReactElement<any> | null, you know that component is the culprit. If not, it's most likely about types not being in sync just like @ramirozap suggested.

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