I have the following function that should return all the _id values from "Agency" collection:

public static List<Agency> findByAgencyIds(List<String> ids){
    MorphiaQuery q = Agency.q();
    System.out.println("ids: " + ids);
    return q.asList();

The following, is the function that uses the previous function

public static BasicDBObject getQueryAgenciasMultiples(String agency) {
    List<String> agencyIds = new ArrayList<String>(Arrays.asList(agency.split("\\s*,\\s*")));
    List<String> finalList = Lists.newArrayList();
    for (String id : agencyIds) {
    List<Agency> agencyList = Agency.findByListIds(finalList);

    List<DBRef> dbrefs = new ArrayList();
    agencyList.forEach(a -> dbrefs.add(new DBRef("Agency", a.getId())));                    
    return new BasicDBObject("$in", dbrefs);

The problem:

The query is not retrieving the _id field values from "Agency", since I don't know how to retrieve ObjectId value type from MongoDB.

So, my question is ¿how can I get all _id field values from "Agency" collection?

Any help is welcome. Thanks in advance, best regards


If you have a Query you can call asKeyList() on it to get a list of the Key instances for the _id fields of each entity returned by the query.

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