I use Phalcon\Mailer for sending mails.

Can I use the layout for the letter template?


Yes it's possible via createMessageFromView.


$myVariables = [];
/** @var \Phalcon\Ext\Mailer\Manager $mailer */
$mailer = $app->getDI()->get('mailer');

$message = $mailer->createMessageFromView('path/to/template', compact('myVariables'));
    ->subject('Hello World')
    ->from('me@mail.com', 'John Doe');

  • it is a template. But what about layout? – Max Dec 20 '18 at 10:00
  • I'm not sure what you trying to achieve, can you update a question and provide a sample of your layout? – Nazariy Dec 21 '18 at 15:42

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