we have a SharePoint 2010 farm with 2 servers, one server for Application/FrontEnd and second server for Database. I have made WSP by Package option in Visual Studio. I am doing deployment of WSP via SharePoint 2010 Management Shell, by this command Update-SPSolution -Identity "NameOfMyWSP.wsp" -LiteralPath "d:\1\PortalDev1\NameOfMyWSP.wsp" -GACDeployment -Force -Verbose

and i am getting this error. Please see following screenshot for details. Error during decryption. System error code 0.

enter image description here

we migrated our servers to VMs by creating & restoring Replica. May this result it in this issue ? or may it be due to windows updates/patches ? How to resolve this ? It is production/LIVE server. Applying any fix may lead to Downtime. How i can resolve this issue with minimal downtime ?

thanks & best regards, imran

  • regarding the server migration to VM, the team have used a tool to take full image of the server and convert it to VM and since then, no issues have been reported – mianimraniqbal Dec 19 '18 at 5:31

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