There is a BLOB column that contains data like:

{{Property1 {property1_string}} {Property2 {property2_string}} {Property3 {property3_string}} {Property4 {property4_string}} {Property5 {property5_string}}}

I select the above column to display the BLOB data, as follows:


I need to display only the data of 4th Property of BLOB column, so the following:
{Property4 {property4_string}}

So, I need help to create the necessary select for this purpose.

Thank you.


this will work:

select substr(cast(blobfieldname as 
varchar2(2000)),instr(cast(blobfieldname as 
varchar2(2000)),'{',1,8)),instr(cast(blobfieldname as 
instr(cast(blobfieldname as varchar2(2000)),'{',1,8))) from tablename;
  • Property1, Property2, etc. can be totally different attribute values, like for example: Property1 be "Number", Property2 be "FirstName", Property 3 be "LastName", Property4 be "TextDescription", etc., so variable length, not fixed. Same stands for the strings of those properties, they are of variable length, not fixed length, containing different info, too. So, I am afraid that with what you provided you check for fixed length 8 fields(?), so it will not work. Please correct me if I am wrong and I did not understand well. Thank you. – Kostas75 Dec 18 '18 at 13:22
  • no 8 stands for 8th occurences for '{' and '}' did you run the query is it showing output?? – nikhil sugandh Dec 18 '18 at 13:37

You may use REGEXP_SUBSTR.

select REGEXP_SUBSTR(s,'[^{} ]+', 1, 2 * :n) FROM t;

Where n is the nth property string you want to extract from your data.

n = 1 gives property1_string
n = 2 gives property2_string 
and so on

Note that s should be the output of utl_raw.cast_to_varchar2


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