I wonder if someone can help me! I have conducted several hours of research now but did not manage to find the solution (although it might be relatively easy?).

I am looking for a way to „test“ whether or not the two IVs (aside from some controls) in my logit model are significantly different from each other. My hypothesis is that trait 1 affects my DV (coded as a binary variable) more than trait 2. Results show that Trait 1 has a strong significant influence, trait 2 not at all. So I assume to be save saying that trait 1 exerts a higher influence on the DV than trait 2 (which has no effect). However, I’d like to be able to say that I have „tested“ for the difference between those two parameters.

I found out a lot about postestimation tests like the Wald test or the Likelihood ratio test. But I do not find any specific hints on how to actually conduct them using SPSS (v.25) and how to interpret the results.

Thanks for your help!

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