I'm trying to use the LIKE keyword with the % wildcards wrapping the parameter, but I'm not sure how to get the % characters into the statement without breaking it. Right now I have:

SET @SQLQuery = 'SELECT * FROM [tblApps] WHERE [firstName] LIKE %@search%'

I get a SqlException error in my .net app that says "Incorrect syntax near '@search' when I run it. The error goes away if I remove the % characters surrounding the @search parameter.

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The % characters have to be in the search string...

SET @search = '%' + @search + '%'
SET @SQLQuery = 'SELECT * FROM [tblApps] WHERE [firstName] LIKE @search'

Note that the following would also work, but introduces potential for a SQL injection vulnerability...

-- DON'T do this!
SET @SQLQuery = 'SELECT * FROM [tblApps] WHERE [firstName] LIKE ''%' + @search + '%'''
SET @SQLQuery = 'SELECT * from [tblApps] WHERE [firstName] LIKE ''%'' + @search + ''%'''
exec sp_executesql @query=@SQLQuery, @params=N'@search nvarchar(96)', @search=@search

The only difference from this version as compared to the others is that the dynamic execution of the sql is in fact parameterized which mitigates sql injection a bit.

  • in my case, this part should be like: N'%' + @search + '%' - no need for extra single quotation
    – Amirreza
    Oct 10, 2019 at 21:54
SET @search = '%' + @search 
SET @SQLQuery = 'SELECT * FROM [tblApps] WHERE [firstName] LIKE ' + @search + '%'

This worked for me!

SET @search = '''%' + @search + '%'''
SET @SQLQuery = 'SELECT * FROM [tblApps] WHERE [firstName] LIKE' + @search
EXEC sp_executesql @SQLQuery
  • This doesn't parameterize the @search variable, and is subject to SQL Injection attacks. It's the same as the Don't do this section of AvPinzur's Answer. Nov 13, 2019 at 18:35
declare @Cmd nvarchar(2000)
declare @eName varchar(10)
set @eName='a'
set @Cmd= 'select * from customer1 where name LIKE '''+'%' +@eName+ '%' + ''''
print @Cmd
EXECUTE sp_executesql @Cmd
  • i was going to down vote, but changed my mind, simply put: your approach is working but it's open to sql injection
    – Amirreza
    Oct 10, 2019 at 21:00

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