My given file /path/file.txt contains for example the following:

Hello World!
Try to read me.

How can I read the entire content into one single string inside my code?
For this specific example, the string should look like this:

"Hello World!\nTry to read me."

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If you don't want to use Core, the following works with functions from the built-in Stdlib module (formerly called Pervasives):

let read_whole_file filename =
    (* open_in_bin works correctly on Unix and Windows *)
    let ch = open_in_bin filename in
    let s = really_input_string ch (in_channel_length ch) in
    close_in ch;
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    On Windows with DOS (CRLF) line endings, really_input_string will likely raise End_of_file as in_channel_length doesn't do character conversions but open_in does, and the number of characters expected will be more than the number of characters read after conversion. One possible solution is to use open_in_bin. Commented Jan 19, 2021 at 14:35
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    Yes, absolutely. Commented Jan 19, 2021 at 17:55

For the solution below to work, you need to use Core library by Jane Street by writing open Core on any line above the place where you use any of the code below.

In_channel.read_all "./input.txt" returns you the content of input.txt in the current folder in a single string.

Also useful:

  • In_channel.read_lines "./input.txt" returns a list of lines in the file

  • In_channel.fold_lines allows to "fold over" all lines in the file.


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