I have an AutoCompleteTextView that will show a list of Hints when type in few keyword that match with its ArrayAdapter Data.

Currently, I have set an AdapterView.OnItemClickListener so when user click on the Hint, the soft keyboard on screen will be close.

What I trying to achieve :

  • I would like to add a functionality that allow user to Delete the Data of the Hint from the Database, so I was thinking to add another ClickListener for the AdapterView such as LongClickListener, so when user LongClick on the Hint, it will trigger a Dialog Pop Out and prompt the Delete Confirmation from the User.

I been search for how to set LongClickListener on Autocomplete, however I could not find any solution on the net.

I believe it is important to ensure the Click Listen able to obtain the position(in Int) or text data(in String) of the Hint as I would need to determine what are the Data that being selected and I can tell the Database to delete it.

My Questions:

How can I set a Long Click Listener for the AutoCompleteTextView that will also obtain the selected Hint position?

Any other solution that could help to resolve what I trying to achieve is welcome, thank you.

Note: I would like to keep the functionality of the hide soft keyboard when Hint is selected. I accept Answer In Java Language as well.

What I have done so far :

 // Get an ArrayList<String> from database and declare to remarkList
 val remarkList: ArrayList<String> = getDataFromDatabase() 

 // Set remarkList Data into ArrayAdapter
 val adapter = ArrayAdapter(context!!, android.R.layout.simple_list_item_1, remarkList)

 // Set ArrayAdapter to AutoCompleteTextView

        // When click the hint selection, will trigger close keyboard function
        autoComplete_remarks.onItemClickListener =
                AdapterView.OnItemClickListener { _: AdapterView<*>, _: View, position: Int, _: Long ->


In order to have multiple click listeners, you should build a custom Adapter with custom item layout.

class CustomAdapter(context: Context?, resource: Int) : ArrayAdapter<Data>(context, resource) {
    private var mListener : IOnItemListener? = null

    override fun getView(position: Int, convertView: View?, parent: ViewGroup): View? {
        var convertView = convertView

        // Inflate layout

        // Listeners
        val textViewItem = convertView!!.findViewById(R.id.textViewItem) as TextView

        textViewItem.setOnClickListener(View.OnClickListener {

        textViewItem.setOnLongClickListener(View.OnLongClickListener {

        return convertView;

    fun setListener(listener: IOnItemListener) {
        mListener = listener

    interface IOnItemListener {
        fun onClick(...)
        fun onLongClick(...)

Then somewhere else, call

val adapter : CustomAdapter = CustomAdapter(context, R.layout...)
adapter.setListener(object: IOnItemListener()) 

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