My SPSS works fine with GUI, but I want to start using syntax (*.sps) files and run SPSS from windows CMD without the GUI. The documentation here says it should be easy and specifies the following command:

stats C:\cars.sav C:\analysis.sps

However when I type this command SPSS launches the GUI and does nothing more. Any ideas?


you want to utilize the production facility within SPSS.


  • But that's GUI based ... – OrenIshShalom Jan 16 at 13:50
  • sorry, I thought the command line piece was in that article. Once you have the production job set up, you can run the .spj file from the command line, or write a batch file to run it and set it up through windows scheduler: the command would look like this: start C:\"Program Files\IBM\SPSS\Statistics\21\"stats -production silent H:\spss\money.spj If you google "SPSS syntax command line production facility" a number of articles come up. – JYurkovich Jan 16 at 15:44

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