What compiler (I'm using gcj 4.x) options should I use to generate an "exe" file for my java application to run in windows?

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    Generating exe-files from java-code is inherently a bad idea. You first loose platform idependence, and secondly, compiler-optimization might not be performed for the target machine as well as JIT-optimization will not get you, and updates for the jvm/api will not affect your code. – user unknown Feb 4 '11 at 8:15

To compile the Java program MyJavaProg.java, type:

gcj -c -g -O MyJavaProg.java

To link it, use the command:

gcj --main=MyJavaProg -o MyJavaProg MyJavaProg.o

and then linking to create an executable mycxxprog.exe

g++ -o mycxxprog.exe mycxxprog.o

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