Sup all!

Glad to have found my way here hoping to receive some guidance in new chartered territory. I wanna learn Ada so I've installed EMACS and GNAT. I use a mac so it's all for OS X.

The problem is once I've written even the simplest of Ada procedures and saved them I get gnatmake compiling errors after gcc -c in bash. It's textbook examples so theres nothing wrong with my code making me believe its the way Ive set up GNAT.

UPDATE: Here's what it says in bash literally. "gnatmake: "test.adb" compilation error" straight after gcc -c test.adb. If I type gcc -c test.adb instead of gnatmake test I get "error: invalid value 'ada' in '-x ada'.

I read in one response I need to configure GNAT to my PATH (Ada compiler GNAT on Mac OS), what does that mean? Honestly I dont even know where GNAT goes after Ive "installed" it. Im so used to windows and here is an app in OSX that just installs without an EXE.

Please help me out!

  • If you get compile errors from gnatmake, gnat should be installed correctly. How about you update the question with the actual error messages? – egilhh Dec 19 '18 at 8:43
  • Thanks for your input. As for the message it just says "gnatmake: "test.adb" compilation error" straight after gcc -c test.adb. If I type gcc -c test.adb instead of gnatmake test I get "error: invalid value 'ada' in '-x ada'. Shine a light? – Gustav Agrell Dec 19 '18 at 8:56
  • Hmm... that doesn't make sense. Can you paste in the contents of the file as well? – egilhh Dec 19 '18 at 9:24
  • Im not sure what file youre refering to. My simple test code is: with Ada.Text_IO; use Ada.Text_IO; procedure Test is begin Put_Line("Sup all"); end Test; Nothing crazy, I test it at learn.adacore.com too and it works. I read OS X has no inate ada compiler so you need to PATH the gnat. Do you know what that means? – Gustav Agrell Dec 19 '18 at 9:32
  • 1
    @GustavAgrell: Right, with the latest version of the GNAT Community Edition installation has become more user friendly as Simon has outlined in his detailed response below. – Joakim Strandberg Dec 20 '18 at 11:45

I’d forgotten that AdaCore have changed their Mac distribution method for GNAT CE 2018 to something more Mac-like.

When you double-click on the .dmg file you get this:

contents of disk image

and when you double-click on the GNAT icon (actually, for security reasons, you’ll probably need to right-button on the icon & select 'Open') you get this:

start of install dialog

and then you’re in a pretty standard installation dialog. At one point it asks where you want to install the software: I can’t say what the default will be on your machine (I think it’s remembering previous choices of mine), but I’d expect something like /usr/local/GNAT/2018; or maybe /Users/gustav/opt/GNAT/2018. Whatever, call that prefix.

All the executables will be in the bin subdirectory, so you’ll need to include <prefix>/bin at the start of your PATH. I’d very much expect the installation process to include some suggestions as to how to do this; or you could look here.

  • Thanks for your answer Simon! :) After a holiday of ease I managed to pull myself together to get going with ada again and I realized Im back to where I started. The installation looks exactly like the one youve described and more exactly it wants to directorize at: /Users/gustavagrell/opt/GNAT/2018. So I terminal: "touch ~/.bash_profile; open ~/.bash_profile". This opens my bash profile in text editor looking like this: "export PATH=$PATH:/opt/local/bin:/usr/local/gnat/bin" What do I need write here in order for the terminal to access gnatmake? Happy New Year! – Gustav Agrell Jan 2 at 19:18
  • To clarify, what I dont get is where are you pointing when you say "at the start of your PATH" . Im assuming you mean <prefix> = "Users/gustavagrell/opt/GNAT/2018" in the bash profle. But where does it go? – Gustav Agrell Jan 2 at 19:24
  • export PATH=Users/gustavagrell/opt/GNAT/2018/bin:$PATH:/opt/local/bin - I have no idea how you got /usr/local/gnat/bin at the end there! – Simon Wright Jan 2 at 20:14

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