I am trying to make a fullscreen android app using this tutorial: https://bradmartin.net/2016/03/10/fullscreen-and-navigation-bar-color-in-a-nativescript-android-app/

Everything is going fine except the part where I would set the padding of the first view on the page so it wouldn't go behind the status bar. but at this line:

var lab = page.getViewById("btn").android;

The lab variable is undefined. I have checked the id and it is fine.since I can access the baseview (without the android property). I have checked the docs and android property is there but here I get an undefined. I am also running on a physical android device.

  • When exactly you are executing this line of code? loaded event is usually the best place to access .android as that ensures the native view is created. – Manoj Dec 19 '18 at 19:13
  • are you writing code inside ` function pageLoaded(args) ` ? What exactly do you need separate styles for Android and IOS ?? if so use componentname.component.ios.scss & componentname.component.android.scss – D C Dec 21 '18 at 6:06

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