I've been searching for a days now, nothing helped over the internet as I can't make ratchet work using secure connection !

What am trying to do:

All what I want is to run ratchet server in secure connection, it work without SSL, but with SSL it become a nightmare !

What I've tried

The following question is almost the same as mine: php ratchet websocket SSL connect?

but all the answers didn't work for me !

I've added ProxyPass /wss2/ ws://app.hielearn.com:8080/ to the domain virtual host configuration in apache.

I'm running the command using laravel console, this is the console handle that I run:

public function handle()
    $server = IoServer::factory(
        new HttpServer(
            new WsServer(
                new Chat()


and in front-end I make the connection using the following code:

var serverUrl;
var scheme = "ws";

// If this is an HTTPS connection, we have to use a secure WebSocket
// connection too, so add another "s" to the scheme.

if (document.location.protocol === "https:") {
    scheme += "s";

// Build the URL of the WebSocket server; in this case, it's the same
// as the web server. Be sure to add ":<port number>" if the WebSocket
// service is on a different port.

serverUrl = scheme + "://" + myHostname + ':8080/wss2/';

// Connect to the WebSocket server, using the "json" protocol.

connection = new WebSocket(serverUrl);

the error that appear in the browser console:

Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at wss://app.hielearn.com:8080/wss2/.

I've installed and enabled porxy mods, to make sure the mods is working i ran the following commands:

   sudo a2enmod proxy
   sudo a2enmod mod_proxy_wstunnel
   sudo a2enmod proxy_wstunnel

and it says all the mods already enabled...

Help, Please!

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