I am following this tutorial that creates an Azure Function trigged by http with output to CosmosDB.


When I create just a simple Azure function it works ok, I trigge by http and the http response its ok.

But if create a new output to a ComosDB using the example code indicated in the tutorial the function returns "THIS AZURE FUNCTIONS APP IS DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE" when trigged.

Please be patience, until last week I was just a c++ programmer hahaha.

My steps:

Creating a CosmosDB account and a database called "testDb".

CosmosDB account

Creating a Function App:

enter image description here

When trigged using this code its ok.

enter image description here

Creating a CosmosDB output.

enter image description here

I change my code to this:

enter image description here

Now when I trigger by http the response is:

enter image description here

What am I doing wrong?



Someone has reported same issue. To conclude the solution: In portal> Platform features> App Service Editor. Right click on app_offline.htm and delete.

This file is generated to stop the function app when you install cosmosdb extension. It is supposed to be deleted automatically after extension being installed, there seems some problem with this feature, probably related to the slow file system in Consumption plan.

If you are trapped again later, try to turn this behavior off, add an SCM_CREATE_APP_OFFLINE App Setting to your app and set the value to 0, check official announcement for this feature.

  • For me, "Platform features" is a tab when you select the actual Function App. – Christine Oct 4 '19 at 21:09

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