I have recently started to learn SikuliX to bot in games and i want to clean up my code by splitting sections of code into different files. I have multiple main code file (depending on what i want the bot to do), one file for images/regions and finally one file for common functions that I commonly use in all my main files.

Importing img/reg and functions into the main file is working just fine and I can get all info i need into the main file from the imports the problem I have that I want my functions file to get data from my img/reg file, how can I do that?

In my mainfile i things like ImgReg.RegionOne.exists(ImgReg.ImgOne) to check if that image exists in that region in the ImgReg file. How would I write in the functions file to access the same thing? Would i have to import the ImgReg file into my function file as well?

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