I'm trying to upgrade my AutoFFI project by making it more elegant and use Clang's ASTMatchers more extensively. I'd like to create a matcher that filters on the file path that was specified. Is it possible to do such a thing, or do I need to add custom logic outside of the matcher for this to work? As far as I can see, there's no way to get the SourceManager and use it to create a FullSourceLoc, but maybe I'm missing something.

Some relevant links:

If someone could tell me whether this is a limitation to Clang's ASTMatcher API or not I'd be very grateful!


Never mind, I've found the answer by looking at the source of isExpansionInMainFile:

                        AST_POLYMORPHIC_SUPPORTED_TYPES(Decl, Stmt, TypeLoc)) {
  auto &SourceManager = Finder->getASTContext().getSourceManager();
  return SourceManager.isInMainFile(

Turns out I missed the getASTContext in MatchFinder, which holds on to the source manager.

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