I tried to create a multiplot in ipython-plotly containing a sankey-diagram.

In the example from the plotly subplot-page the layout is defined via anchors:

layout_all = dict(
title='Sankey - Multiplot',
margin = dict(t=100),
xaxis1=dict(axis, **dict(domain=[0, 1], anchor='y1', showticklabels=False)),
#xaxis2=dict(axis, **dict(domain=[0, 1], anchor='y2', showticklabels=False)),        
yaxis1=dict(axis, **dict(domain=[0, 0.33], anchor='x1', hoverformat='.2f')),  
#yaxis2=dict(axis, **dict(domain=[0.33, 0.66], anchor='x2',  hoverformat='.2f')),
plot_bgcolor='rgba(228, 222, 249, 0.65)'


But it is not possible to assign "xaxis" or "yaxis" to a sankey-plot. What happens, is that the sankey plot spans the whole page, with subplots being merged inside. Would it be possible to specify a certain size for a sankey-diagram?

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