While editing documents in LibreOffice Writer, spell check errors are pointed out using red or blue wavy underline according to the kind of error that has been recognized.

Is there a (simple) mean to customize this visual feedback in order to increase its visibility ?


Depending on the version of LibreOffice being used, the colors used when indicating a spelling or grammatical errors can be changed in the preferences under LibreOffice -> Application Colors.

For spell check the custom color that you would want to alter would be titled AutoSpellcheck.

LibreOffice Application Colors window

  • Nice catch, but this is limited to color. I was also looking for thickness. – Dfaure Jan 26 at 10:24
  • oh that was totally unclear. Yah i think you'd have to do some extra shit, like modify the original codebase and rebuild it. Or. Idk. Probably some way to pick a hex code and have your pc monitor for it and apply an effect... Messy, but a possibility. – charliebeckwith Jan 28 at 5:34

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