I need to trace enum signals type in SystemC AMS.

This is my code:

sca_util::sca_trace_file* atf = sca_util::sca_create_vcd_trace_file( "trace.vcd" );
sca_util::sca_trace( atf, system.cmd_sig_tdf_fw, "controller_cmd" );

where "system.cmd_sig_tdf_fw" is a:

sca_tdf::sca_signal< command_type > cmd_sig_tdf_fw;

And the enum is:

enum command_type { IDLE, OPEN, CLOSE };

I'm able to trace all tdf double type signal, but command type signal is never traced


Enum VCD tracing is not supported and is deprecated.
You can find relevant discussion here.

Also I have tried to add enum variables to VCD traces and have observed only constant values being recorded in the VCD trace file.

  • Thank you for the support and for the confirmation! – sgira Dec 21 '18 at 0:10

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