I am running SPSS 25 with fixpack 2 on a Macbook, I downloded R-Essentials 33 and I have R 3.3. installed. I need to run the PS-Matching Plugin for SPSS, but unfortunately I dont get the R-Integration plugin run on my Mac.

It says, that it is installed corretly, so the "R3,3 configuration" is in the dropdown menue and I also chose the correct filepath of R 3.3. (I have Rstudio 3.5. as well, is this maybe a problem?), but when I run "BEGIN PROGRAM R. print ("hello") END PROGRAM." in the SPSS syntax, simply nothing happens, no error and there is this command in the output file.

The PS-Matching Plugin also shows me, that R-Essentials is installed correctly, but obviously it does not work.

Does anyone have an idea?

I am looking forward for your answers!

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