"Testers targeted by rollout" is appearing as zero for a closed Beta testing. No testers are seeing the new builds being uploaded, but are seeing the old build, when they visit PlayStore in their device.

List of Testers Screen Shot


I have created Closed Beta for release of an internal app. Checkbox is still ticked in the manage testers section for the group created for testers. Later, I also want to enable auto update for the testers.

Zero testers targeted in the Rollout, Issue to be fixed screen shot


I have added gmail id of 4 testers but "Testers targeted by rollout" is shown as zero and no tester is seeing new builds.

I am not able to distribute new builds of the app to the testers through - Closed Beta of Google Play console.

  • are you release app in beta testing or alpha testing? – Pratik18 Dec 21 '18 at 7:36
  • 3
    Did you solve it? – Tomer Peled Jan 27 '19 at 16:46

As shown by your screenshot it says "Testers: 0". Even though you have added the testers, they need to opt in using the opt-in link. I'm guessing that they haven't done this yet.


Hey mate two things to note here:

  1. Your tester distribution list will have the email addresses of the testers.
  2. In your screenshot there is an "opt-in" url, when they go to the opt-in url, on the Play Store app they need to be signed-in using the email they have been added as. If they have not selected it, it can be done using the square box (highlighted).

enter image description here

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