I was wondering if Julia has an easily already built in capability to pass arguments meant for a function in a function?

For example,

I'm working with Gadfly but I want to create a function that makes a specific plot, let's say one that does a line graph with the plots pointed already.

So for a working example

using Gadfly, Random
x = randn(10)
y = 10 * x .+ 2 .+ randn(10)/10
function dummy1(x, y; plotOptionsToPass...)
    plot(x = x, y = y, Geom.point, Geom.line; plotOptionsToPass...)

And I want to be able to pass in all different types of Gadfly plot options such as

dummy1(x, y; Theme(panel_fill = nothing))

so that it makes the dummy1 function turn into something like

plot(x = x, y = y, Geom.point, Geom.line; Theme(panel_fill = nothing))

without me having to actually prespecify all of the types of options Gadfly allows plot() to take.


Not sure what you are after, but maybe it helps to see that you can define a new function inside dummy1 and return it. The retruned fucntion will use less arguments. dummy1 becomes a drawing function 'constructor'.

function dummy1(;plotOptionsToPass...)
    function foo(x, y) 
        plot(x = x, y = y, Geom.point, Geom.line; plotOptionsToPass...)
    return foo

# create new drawing function
new_artist = dummy1(Theme(panel_fill = nothing))
# draw something
new_artist(x, y) 
  • Hi @EPo, thanks for the answer. I tried using your syntax above and got the following error. ERROR: MethodError: no method matching dummy1(::Theme) Closest candidates are: dummy1(; plotOptionsToPass...) at REPL[5]:2 Stacktrace: [1] top-level scope at none:0. Maybe to clarify, I am just trying to create a function that makes a scatter plot with lines connecting the dots, but also lets me specify any other plot functions/arguments that plot() takes in Gadfly. – NoviceStat Dec 24 '18 at 7:55
  • 1
    Let me try the functionality on desktop and get back with an update. – Evgeny Dec 25 '18 at 21:26

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