I noticed that some website are capable of providing a URL like:


and get Google to display something like

320 cars found in NewYork
Get cars here at EXAMPLE.COM

in the search results (note that there's also the number of cars displayed).

I'd like to optimize my website in the same way thus I am currently working on a sitemap. However, I don't see how search engines would be able to "guess" all the possible parameters to this.

I was thinking that I could e.g. generate a sitemap with all possible parameters (e.g. all cities):


and put them in my sitemaps.xml

That's a semi-optimal solution imho because in theory on can have example.com/cars/anything%20you%20want.

So - is there another way to achieve what this or will it be necessary to create this (rather huge) list of urls and host it?

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    Looking at some sitemaps of websites using this shady practice, they seem to generate the huge list (example)… – helb Dec 20 '18 at 20:13
  • @helb Uargh .. yeah I actually came to the same conclusion. It feels dirty to do that but I guess there's just not really another way. After all, how would a search engine know that it is suppsed to put a city there :/ – displayname Dec 20 '18 at 20:22

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