I'm working on some sort of time tracking application. The main ideal behind it is simple - add number of hours for wanted project and display sum of hours per day.

I'm using Flutter and dart for this and I have the following: - List of cards for every week day - Cards have Gesture detector tap implemented - this action will show all projects for selected day - AlertDialog pop-up to add the hours

I'm trying to refresh total number of hours for selected day on Alert Dialog pop-up close without reloading all the data.

Can someone help me with any idea how to implement the refresh?

What I've try so far is the following:

  1. I update the data context (the passed values) before I navigate to the previous screen
  2. I use StatefulWidget in order to add interactivity to my app
  3. I use setState to change the data before I return to the previous screen but without any success.
  4. I found multiple ways on google how to "refresh" UI but without any success
  5. I try to use setState() since it's perfectly working with some data and I got the following error: " A build function returned null."
  6. I add setState as part of ShowDialog and I got the following error: "setState() or markNeedsBuild() called during build." so I add additional logic to check if the data is dirty or not but at the end of a day I got the same result.

Desired behavior for this will be to click on the card and display all the projects for selected day. After adding a new value I want to return to the same place (with opened card) and newly added project will show up on the list along with updated total hours for the day.

For now I got edit partially done. I open the card and edit one of existing project. The data is saved, but when I return to the previous screen I cannot update the hours on the UI. When I open edit screen once more the shown data is as expected.

Thank you very much,



First you need to call your showDialog within a Stateful Widget in order to have access, has the name suggests, to a state. Then, within that screen, you can call a method and display your dialog and it will return a Future<void> which means you can perform so action after the dialog is dismissed, such as

showDialog(// Yours params).then((_)=>setState((){}));

and your UI will be updated to match changes.

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  • The same problem exists when you come back to previous page using Navigator. There also flutter has no way to tell that a particular page is now visible as user comes back to it. Same solution i used to achieve that. – Ayush Gupta Dec 22 '18 at 9:19
  • hi try await showDialog( //Your Dialog Code ).then((val){ Navigator.pop(_context); }); – Mauricio Valdes Mar 6 '19 at 18:38
  • What is the underscore in .then((_) ? – cwhisperer Jan 22 at 13:24
  • It's a Dart name convention for a variable that will be ignored (thus, not used at all). – Miguel Ruivo Jan 23 at 0:44

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