iam building a PIE CHART in report builder , need to make one pie chart visible on some condition &click enter image description here

by clicking on categories piechart latitude model pie chart should appear but on condition if in categories virtualcount>0. so following expression iam entering in vsibility expression

=IIf(Sum(Fields!virtualcount.Value, "DataSet1")>0,1,0)

When I run report, it gives me following error

enter image description here


You need to use True and False instead of 1 and 0.

Also keep in mind that the property you are setting is called Hidden, meaning a value of True will hide the chart, and a value of False will not hide the chart. From your question, it is unclear to me if you want the chart displayed or hidden when that condition is met. I think you want the 0 and 1 from your expression flipped the other way around, but like I said, it is unclear to me. If this expression does not give you the desired output, try reversing the True and False:

=IIf(Sum(Fields!virtualcount.Value, "DataSet1") > 0, False, True)
  • at start i need to hide, once report load if virtualcount>0 it should show else dont show – deepti Dec 26 '18 at 11:09

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