Using LinkedIn API v2.0 I'm currently trying to get a list of organisation ids and names for authenticated user that they are administrator of. I'm able to get all organisation ids using:


but when I add "organizationTarget~" as apart of fields parameter I get an error saying

"not enough permissions to access field organizationalTarget~ for GET-roleAssignee /organizationalEntityAcls"

Should I be using a different endpoint to get this data or what permission am I missing? I currently am using r_basicprofile, rw_company_admin, and rw_organization scopes while authenticating.


You can try with this API call:

 curl -i -X GET \
   -H "Authorization:Bearer <ACCESS-TOKEN>" \

Hope this help

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I found the answer on this page: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/linkedin/shared/references/migrations/permissions-resources-mapping

"rw_organization_admin" is the missing scope.

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