I've been using the plus.people.get Google method with an OAuth2 bearer token in order to fetch the user's email address after an OAuth2 login. That endpoint will be shut down in March, with 'intermittent errors' starting at the end of January.

I can't seem to find an equivalent endpoint that allows me to exchange an OAuth2 token for the user's email address with no, or minimal, additional scope. All the (numerous) answers I've come across on SO are out of date due to the deprecation, there's no replacement APIs listed in the shutdown announcement, and so far I've not found a functionally equivalent Google API.

The Gmail profile API will allow email retrieval, but the minimal scope allows reading the user's email. I don't want to require my users to have to approve that for obvious reasons.

Sorry if this is a duplicate, but I'm unable to find anything helpful so far.

EDIT: of course directly after posting I found the people API.


Authorize the scope https://www.googleapis.com/auth/userinfo.email and call the Google OAuth2 API endpoint (oauth2 v2) userinfo.v2.me.get if you are using a library or directly to https://www.googleapis.com/userinfo/v2/me with the authentication.

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