I am trying to do a patient drug tracking system , were based on the daily diagnosis the drugs will be provided .Default there will be some regular drugs but based on the timely need the new drugs will be added

I have 4 table:

1) (patient table)contains bed number, name , and his problem.

2) (drug table)his daily dosage some times based on the timely need a new dosage could be added.

3) daily check list table to check how may drugs has been used today and to whom.

4) the master record of the patient that contains all the records the bed no, name, problem, and drug all the drugs that has been given to him.

The problem is when i try to update the latest record in drug table it should automatically get added in the master records and i need to use the UPDATE function to do it. Irrespective of the drugs i am using the patients bed number to add and monitor his daily drug usage and update the BILLS in the amount section in the master table . Simply to calculate the total amount to pay by the drugs .

Patient table:

no  | bed NO | name  | diagnosis
1     101      james    ptsd 
2    102       kim     T.b

check list

no | DRUGS | DOSAGE | amount
1    xxx      .25gms  $2
1    xxy      .25gms  $2
2    xyx      .25gms  $2
2    yxx      .25gms  $2
2    yyx      .25gms  $2

Drug table:

not necessary

Final table:

ID   |  Patient name  | total  |

1         james         $4
2         kim          $6

But I need to use the UPDATE function to update if any new records are being added or new patient is being added

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    Did you try writing any code for this? What issue are you facing in that? – Chetan Ranpariya Dec 22 '18 at 5:42
  • @chetan ranpariya i havent i am not sure should in write trigger or other stuff – Jojo fever Dec 22 '18 at 5:45
  • You should read and learn about it and try applying the learning. And come back here if you face any specific issue in that. You will not get ready to use solution here. – Chetan Ranpariya Dec 22 '18 at 6:46
  • Why do you want to store this in a table? It looks like you could always query the totals. Storing it in a table just opens the door for possible inconsistencies. – sticky bit Dec 22 '18 at 8:08

It looks like you may have to create a trigger on event of inserting a record to drug table the dependent tables will be updated.

syntax for triggers

[OF col_name] ON table_name [REFERENCING OLD AS o NEW AS n] 
[FOR EACH ROW] WHEN (condition) DECLARE Declaration 
    - statements BEGIN Executable 
    - statements EXCEPTION Exception 
    - handling 
    - statements END;

Go through the link for more details on the trigger

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