I have single Activity application.

I want to bind viewModel to the parent fragment lifecycle (FlowFragmentLogin), and share it with child fragments (CellFragment, InfoFragment, etc). So that when I move from FlowFragmentLogin to FlowFragmentMain, viewModel onCleared() was called.

But the only way I found is to share viewModel between Activity, and it's Fragments: https://insert-koin.io/docs/1.0/documentation/koin-android/index.html

And no control over lifecycle-owners. Wich is unacceptable for me, at least because this viewModel will live until the application's death.

  • Apparently you can specify the ViewModelStore, or at least that's what I've heard. – EpicPandaForce Feb 21 at 18:04
  • How about initiating one ViewModel at Activity, and fragments also have their own ViewModels, we can make ViewModels talk to each other. What do you say? – Chintan Soni Jul 10 at 10:25

Since Navigation 2.1.0-alpha02:

You can now create ViewModels that are scoped at a navigation graph level via the by navGraphViewModels() property delegate for Kotlin users or by using the getViewModelStore() API added to NavController.

You can find the change log here and the document.

Unfortunately Koin can not support the feature since viewModel() or sharedViewModel() was bond to Activity. But support for nav has already planned in 2.1.x and you can track here.

For now here's my solution:

  1. Use navGraphViewModels() instead of viewModel() in Koin.
class DetailFr : Fragment() {
    private val vm: DetailViewModel by navGraphViewModels(R.id.main_nav_graph)
  1. Make ViwModel implements KoinComponent so that we can use by inject() instead of inject by constructor.
class DetailViewModel : ViewModel(), KoinComponent {

    private val repo: DetailRepository by inject()
    // othetr objects you need

Hopefully this helps

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