I am thinking of using perl6 and Cro to build a website with text content. Is there any best practice / guidance on using Cro with a template toolkit such as TT2 and code examples for me to leverage?


Have you looked at Cro::WebApp?

See https://github.com/jnthn/cro-webapp


It is also possible to use "Template::Mojo".

Here is a Cro server:

use Cro::HTTP::Router;
use Cro::HTTP::Server;
use Template::Mojo;
my $tmpl = slurp 'views/template.tt';
my $t = Template::Mojo.new($tmpl);
my $application = route
  get -> ''
     content 'text/html', $t.render({ title => "AAA",
                                      type => "aaa",
                                      mode => "AAAaaaAAA" });

my Cro::Service $hello = Cro::HTTP::Server.new:
  :host<localhost>, :port<10000>, :$application;
react whenever signal(SIGINT) { $hello.stop; exit; }

The template file looks like this:

% my %h = @_;
% my $title = %h<title>;
% my $type  = %h<type>;
% my $mode  = %h<mode>;
    <title><%= $title %></title>
    <h1><%= $type %></h1>
    <p><%= $mode %></p>

The server code could do with a little makeover (inspired by Bailador). Add this code:

sub template ($template, %values)
  my $tmpl = slurp "views/$template";
  my $t = Template::Mojo.new($tmpl);
  return content 'text/html', $t.render(%values);

And change the "get":

  get -> ''
    template 'template.tt',
      title => "AAA",
      type  => "aaa",
      mode  => "AAAaaaAAA"
  • I have updated my reply to show how Template::Mojo can be used. – Arne Sommer Dec 30 '18 at 16:06

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