The service worker has been registered successfully(This has been shown in devtools), but the code in the serviceworker.js file has not been executed.

I want to add a servicer worker to my Vue project, using webpack as a build tool.

Some other useful information:

1.Serviceworker.js is used as a separate entry file, ensuring that the file output name is still servicerworker.js (other entry files will be renamed by hash values)

  1. Enable service worker over HTTP in chrome(on a specific origin) by using some flags. You can refer to Command line option for whitelisting specific origins to ease development and testing of websites using Secure Origin only features.

    3.WebpackConfig.js: devServer.publicPath is /static/


    if ('serviceWorker' in navigator) {
        navigator.serviceWorker.register('/static/serviceworker.js', { 
            scope: '/static/' 
        }).then(function (reg) {
            console.log('Registration succeeded. Scope is ' + reg.scope);
        }).catch(function (error) {
            console.log('Registration failed with ' + error);


console.log('Hello from sw.js')


  1. I expect the service worker to be registered successfully.

  2. The console can print out:

    "Registration succeeded. Scope is myOrigin/static/"

    "Hello from sw.js"


  1. Service worker registered successfully from the perspective of dev tools and chrome://serviceworker-internals/(I am sorry that I don't have enough reputation to post pictures, so I will give two links.).



  1. The console only prints out:

    "Registration succeeded. Scope is myOrigin/static/"


I assume that your serviceworker.js file only contains this much code

    console.log('Hello from sw.js');

It won't work you need to add a eventlistener in your serviceworker.js and then add the console.log in it.For example

       console.log('Hello from sw.js');

For reference https://developers.google.com/web/ilt/pwa/introduction-to-service-worker

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