I am currently setting up a django backend for a React frontend app.

As part of of, I am using django-rest-auth and django-allauth for registration and authentication. I wanted to implement better token management through django-rest-knox.

I used the following code to start from and modify my existing app with rest-auth and allauth (which works):


My problem is the following:

When I POST my credentials to the url /rest-auth/login, in the backend a token gets created for the right user, with all the attributes (e.g. expiry date), but I don't get the token and user returned as part of the API call. Instead I receive the below error:

AttributeError at /rest-auth/login/

Got AttributeError when attempting to get a value for field token on serializer KnoxSerializer. The serializer field might be named incorrectly and not match any attribute or key on the str instance. Original exception text was: 'str' object has no attribute 'token'.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I think something is wrong with the KnoxSerializer but I can't figure out what?




The fix came from the urls! Very simple late night mistakes. The URL path to KnoxLoginView was put after the inclusion of djang-rest-auth urls, instead of before.

By registering the URL url(r'^rest-auth/login/', views.KnoxLoginView.as_view()) , and including that before the line url(r'^rest-auth/', include('rest_auth.urls')) , it works.

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