What is the Stylus version of the contrast() function used in Less? I need to provide legibility given a background color, and should be automatic no matter what given color.


AFAIK there is no direct equivalent. However there are many color functions like mixing, inverting, darkening etc to build a color to your own wishes.

The Stylus-owned contrast() function will tell you the current contrast ratio, which goes from 1 to 21 (higher is better). For more info see Stylus documentation.

Something like this works well for me:

var_backgroundColor = teal
var_fontColor = black
var_fontColorAlternative = darken(complement(var_backgroundColor),15%)

body { color: var_fontColor; background-color: var_backgroundColor }

if contrast(var_fontColor,var_backgroundColor).ratio <= 7 {
  body { color: var_fontColorAlternative }
else {
  body { color: var_fontColor }

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