I am using Gulp 3 and I want to convert all of my images using one Gulp task. It is proving hard to do so, since there is no package that can do that.

I am using gulp-imagemin for optimizing images and I found the gulp-webp for converting the images to webp format. I couldn't find any available packages that can convert them in JPEG 2000 or JPEG XR.

 gulp.task('images', function () {
     return gulp.src('./public/images/**/*')
         .pipe(imagemin({ progressive: true}))

I got the results I wanted, namely it optimized my images and converted all of them to webp. Can you tell me how I can achieve the same for JPEG 2000 and JPEG XR since I don't want to use online converters all the time.


I made gulp plugins for converting images to JPEG 2000 and JPEG XR using ImageMagick and nConvert respectively: gulp-jpeg-2000 and gulp-jpeg-xr.

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