I need (was ordered) to JOIN two tables by the CODE column (string). But the default (and the proper) way to join tables Product.joins(:skus) is to do so through ID=TABLE_ID What is the best to go about this situation and is there a way to do so without having to write:

Product.joins("INNER JOIN skus ON skus.CODE = products.CODE")

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Based on ActiveRecord's documentation, you can specify the primary_key and foreign_key of a relationship.


class Product < ApplicationRecord
  has_many :skus, foreign_key: :code, primary_key: :code


class Sku < ApplicationRecord
  belongs_to :product, foreign_key: :code, primary_key: :code

and now you can simply use Product.joins(:skus) or Product.includes(:skus) or event Product.first.skus

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